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Public relations

Public relations are techniques and tools that help an institution or a company to build and maintain relationships with their surroundings and with the public, to see its attitudes and try to influence them. This long-term focused activity should inter alia ensure the provision of information to the public while getting feedback and other information from the public. PR is generally performed either by a special department within the company (ie. In-house) or the designated PR agency or communications agency.
In terms of PR the public is divided into internal and external. Internal public applies in particular to employees of the organization. External public applies not only to customers, but also suppliers, investors, community, hence the whole society.

Characteristics of PR?

  • Continuous operation
  • Strategic Process
  • Planned and coordinated activity
  • Formulation of a successful product launch
  • Catalyst of change in attitudes, opinions, perception and reputation
  • Responding to events

Goals of PR?

  • Persuade
  • Sell
  • Educate
  • Stimulate activity
  • Initiate wishes
  • Raise awareness and motivate
  • Gain credibility and support of a third party
  • Induce so called AIDA process (awareness, interest, desire, action)